Prevention ᛫ Protection ᛫ Privacy

More Security, more Peace of Mind

Do you believe that security and privacy don’t match?

But who says that security implicates intrusion?

With us, you will experience  the feeling of inner peace by protecting your most valuable asset and making your life and that of your family safer. You’ll see that, with a professional and experienced service provider, security can actually feel natural.

We are an internationally active security company offering you state-of-the-art and, at the same time, discreet security solutions in both the private and the business sector, with more than 30 years of experience in over 120 countries.

The core areas of our business are executive protection, investigation services and high-risk management. Our experts have extensive background experience resulting from national and international operations. They combine intercultural competencies with high quality expertise. ISN Academy provides tailored training concepts, not only for corporate or private clients but also for government institutions.

We are part of a large network of highly skilled partner companies operating on a global scale, and we maintain relationships of trust with governments worldwide. These partnerships allow us to ensure high-quality protection services for our clients around the world.

“The best security concept is the one that remains invisible to your eyes.”

Jérôme F. Soiné, Founder & CEO