Criminal actions in commercial enterprises not only mean high financial damages for the business, they also entail risks from compliance obligations for executives in the companies involved. The digital age has brought along new types of risk which have created new challenges for companies from an economic and technical perspective. According to recent studies, one in ten companies has been the victim of confidential data theft and an additional 25% suspect as much. Research shows that one of every two cases of white-collar crime is committed by an employee within the company.
With our help, you can detect criminal acts in your company early on or prevent them entirely. Are you interested in learning how social engineering puts important employees in your company at risk? Are you interested in identifying the Achilles heel in your company and finding a solution to the problem? We advise you in creating a concept for preventive security measures and assist with implementation. Our trained experts carry out a comprehensive risk analysis to identify weak points and potential sources of risk. And if worst comes to worst, we help you backup, secure and prepare your data and evidence for use in court.