Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

In recent years ISN has become one of the leading providers of Hostile Environment Awareness Trainings for corporate and private clients. Our HEAT course provides participants with the required know-how and skills to deal with real time threats. The five-day course offers a mix of advanced theoretical and practical sessions of simulated exercises.

Ensuring security is the primary task of states and organisations that send personnel to crisis areas. By reducing risks to an operationally acceptable level, security measures enable mission objectives to be achieved. The ability to perceive potential dangers is essential for dealing with possible threats on-site.

The training sensitises the participants to existing risk factors and teaches techniques and skills to counteract them appropriately. Simulations and exercises allow to practically apply what has been learned and to practice the right behaviour in specific (dangerous) situations.

Course information

  • Location


  • Duration

    5 days

  • Language

    The course language is English.

  • Learning objectives and course content

    The training aims at helping increase the resilience of the actors in the field, at promoting the understanding of proactive security measures before, during and after a mission in a conflict zone and at familiarising the participants with techniques and measures that will enable them to avoid potential dangerous situations and to adequately deal with dangers.

    Furthermore, the participants should be given the opportunity to experience and analyse their behaviour in different dangerous situations and to test their personal limits of resilience.

    The training is gradual: starting with theory, it then moves to guided exercises to make participants comfortable with each concept. The intensity levels increase each day so that participants can practice their new skills under more realistic conditions.

    The training covers the following topics:

    • Basic First Aid and Psychological First Aid
    • Personal safety and security
    • Safety and security mindset
    • Communications & Navigation
    • Behaviour under fire
    • On-site Threats – Kidnap and Hostage survival
    • Mobile Security and Checkpoints/Roadblocks
    • Information Security and Espionage
    • Basic negotiations skills
    • Comprehension of how to build individual situational awareness in high risk environments
    • Unexploded ordnance (UXO) and improvised explosive devices (IED) threats
  • Instructor Team

    The training team includes ISN’s global security training instructors, expert security consultants as well as a psychological advisor.

  • Methodology

    The course, in addition to general background lectures, focuses on operational procedures and practice. Participants are tested through various scenarios, advanced role-playing sessions and simulation exercises and will be prepared for their deployment in high-risk areas.